Content is very important for your website. The more unique, informative and high-quality written your website is, the better is its performance in terms of search engine optimization. However, that doesn’t mean you should overwhelm your prospective patients with 80 pages of detailed content they have to sift through.

The total number of pages on your practice website will depend on what your individual practice offers and your SEO goals. But there are several specific pages that your dental website must have to be optimized for new patient conversion. We call these the “money pages.”

1. Patient Reviews – Glowing reviews and great testimonials can become your dental practice’s best marketing materials. Create a “Testimonials” page for your website where you can post a curated collection of your favorite reviews and testimonials.
2. Dentists and Staff Bio – How do prospective patients compare one dentist from another? What is the deciding factor that pushes a prospective patient to schedule his or her first appointment? Often, it’s the Dentist Bio page that makes the difference. It is on this page that prospective patients can make a personal connection with a dentist, learning about his or her education, experience, professional certifications and awards, and even personal background.
3. Contact Us – How the patients can reach your practice and ask a question or book for an appointment is very important. Where are you located and when are you open? Both current patients and prospective patients will thank you for making it easy to find your practice’s location(s) and business hours.
4. About Us – According to a research, the “About” page is the second-most visited page on a dentist’s website. Why? Because choosing a dental clinic or office is a very personal, difficult, well-thought of and serious process.
5. Services- The patients want to know what your specialties are. Do you enjoy working with children? Is your focus on cosmetic dentistry? Do you offer pain-free laser periodontal treatments? Create a page for each major service you offer. These pages can rank well in Google search results and can be used as landing pages for your online marketing and advertising campaigns.

Just having a website for your dental practice isn’t enough. You need to have a great website for your dental practice. But don’t worry, PRACPROS is here for you. We will take care of your website while you take care of your practice.

A stunning and informative website is what your patients expect. Even more important, it’s what people who are searching for a new dentist expect.If you don’t provide the information people are looking for, they’ll find it somewhere else.

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