Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is crucial to the success of your dental practice. Most dentists are still reluctant in engaging with online marketing and tend to stick to their traditional marketing because (a) they don't have the knowledge and experience of how it works and (b) they have a limited budget. This is the very reason why we created PRACPROS.

How Do We Achieve Results

Our key objective is simple. We're here to help you expand your dental practice by offering you the best opportunities available to execute campaigns that meet your goals, expectations, and budget. We ensure to give our clients quality performance and results or better to say, new patients!

Be Seen and Be Known Online

Majority of people surf through the internet before making a purchase on a product or service. For your practice, this means having a stunning website and a strong social media presence to ensure people see your practice even before stepping into your office.

Get New Patients. Grow Your Practice.


Your website is the best place to tell the patient more about your practice, to educate your patients and to help them easily book an appointment with you. StunningSite is 100% completely customizable for your practice and helps you promote yourself as the go-to dental clinic in your area.

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It's hard to miss out on the benefits of having your website appear at the top of the search list as search engines as these make your practice so much accessible to the patient. ProSEO™ helps you get a top spot in the search list when people search for their dental problem where you can hook them in and tell them how your practice can help with their dental problem. We'll also help you target those who are truly interested in what your dental practice has to offer.

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From millennials to even people past the age of fifty, more and more people are spending more hours on social media. Social media is also an excellent way to engage your patients and build relationships with them outside of your practice. People who have a positive experience with you online are also more likely to refer other people to you and give you positive review

We'll help you maintain your social media pages where people can interact with you with content that is continually updated and we'll also manage your social media advertisements and keep track of how they are doing.

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