It's easy to put together a nice and colorful card, but people are captivated more by the thought behind the card more than how it looks. We're continually producing designs that highlights what you want your patients to know and educates them. We don't template our designs either. Any dental practice should be unique and our BrilliantMail™ cards help you stand out with their unique shapes and fresh new look.

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PRACPROS BrilliantMail™ is not just a simple mail card. We design sophisticated, eye-catching die cut mail cards with glossy finish to grow your offline marketing efforts. And most importantly, it comes with rich, informative content that will boosts trust and engagement towards your patients which results in gaining returning patients in the future. PRACPROS has been helping local dentists grow their practices using BrilliantMail™. We are happy to evaluate your current mail campaign to create clearer and more effective print marketing.

How We Achieve Results

Our Brilliant Mail service does not end after printing out cards. We conduct an in-depth analysis of its performance to evaluate and understand the behavior of each printed campaign to execute more effective follow-up campaigns.

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