ProSocial™ Ads

PRACPROS has been managing social media accounts for a wide range of dental clinics. We have an experienced Social Media team with rich ideas and strategies to promote your clinic online to any social media platforms like Facebook.

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ProSocial™ Ads

Social media has evolved from a simple communication platform to a revenue-generating medium with highly targeted audiences that bring dentists closer to their potential customers as well as returning patients. Today, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer even more features to advertisers to drive higher conversions.

Social Media campaigns with different objectives will be taken care of by our Social Media team with the help of our creative team to formulate and execute rich contents such as video, custom images, and slideshows making it possible to drive more engagement, website visits and most importantly, conversions.

Our Social Media team works closely with our clients to understand their marketing needs and goals. Based on their inputs, we create effective strategies to develop top-notch campaigns that will bring calls, online appointments and new patients.

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