We would like to share an amazing milestone with you.

Achievement Unlocked

Recently, Google Canada tweeted about it’s new guide that aimed to help North American businesses adapt to what lies ahead this crisis. And the PRACPROS team couldn’t be more prouder!

We are thrilled to share with you that we were featured in Google Canada’s recent publication. PRACPROS commitment to help clients beef up their digital marketing strategy to better this for the unprecedented times was highlighted on page 18 of the guide.

The New Normal

Indeed, this pandemic has changed our lives and our business landscape. Consumer behaviour and trends have shifted. The struggle brought about by the pandemic has caused patients to think twice at every dollar they spend. Because of this, medical practitioners such as dentists are struggling to get a patient to say “yes” to a treatment.

Despite the difficulties, let’s go beyond our existing plans and adapt new strategies to quickly rebound from these challenging times.

We are dedicated to helping our clients grow even in these trying times. We are looking forward to being part of your journey as we continue to innovate our strategy and approach to better digital marketing for our partners.

Adapting to this ever-changing landscape is no easy feat. New challenges come up almost every day. So, assess your current marketing strategy. Is it creating a positive impact on your practice? If not, create a new plan or reach out to PRACPROS.

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