Whatever improvements or changes you decide to make to your office, they should be focused on how they make your patients feel.

Make your patients feel welcome.

Try to see your office through your patients’ eyes and imagine how welcome they feel as they enter. Has the walkway been swept? Is the glass on your entrance door clean and fingerprint-free? Is your welcome mat worn out? How cluttered is the reception area? As a practice owner or employee, it’s easy to overlook the faults you see over and over and just accept them for the way they are.

Make your patients feel safe.

Patients who visit your office are doing so with the trust that you are providing the safest possible treatment. But suppose they walk in to find mismatched light bulbs, outdated promotional flyers, typos on forms, artwork hanging crooked, or cluttered countertops. In that case, it can send a strong signal to them that you’re not paying attention to details. And that can carry over to concerns about your infection control.

Keeping your office’s appearance current and new is also essential. If you are reassuring patients that you have upgraded all of your infection control procedures, yet your office walls are still covered with outdated wallpaper from decades ago, your claims of safety will lack credibility. A full-blown office remodel probably isn’t necessary, but something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can do wonders.

And, of course, don’t forget the noticeable changes you’ll need to make, like adding hand sanitizer dispensers and visual reminders about social distancing.

Make your patients feel comfortable.

Wearing masks and extra infection control equipment is necessary, but it can also create uneasy feelings for patients. Try to balance out the comfort of your office’s atmosphere. Play soothing background music. Keep waiting room chairs spaced apart. Ensure the temperature is at a comfortable level (and if not, consider offering blankets to your patients). Add plants. Replace promotional wall posters and signs with scenic or fun wall decor. Use aromatherapy to give the office a relaxing scent.

Extend your service virtually.

A positive patient experience also involves their interaction with your post-visit. One of the best ways to boost a positive patient experience is to extend your service virtually.

Do you have a website? Do you have Google My Business (GMB)? Is your practice on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? These three are but a few means of connecting to your patients. If you wish to extend your quality service virtually, please reach out to us here at PRACPROS. We can help you set up your practice’s very own website, Google My Business and Social Media Pages or improve your existing ones. Extending your service virtually can boost your positive patient experience and further your reach to potential patients.

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