“What is social media and what can it do for my practice?” This thought has crossed every dentist’s mind. Why do we need to be on social media? The answer is simple – to connect with people.
Now let’s talk about figures. Just imagine that on Facebook alone, three (3) posts a week equates to eight hundred (800) followers, which means eight (8) new patients a month. Which brings us back to the question — why social media?

To understand why, it is important to study why your friends and neighbors are using social media. Most of them are forming and/or rekindling connections. People yearn for connection, interaction, attention, humor and hope. There are over 1 billion Facebook users around the globe. It is real and it is here. Doctors are the ultimate connectors because we touch people’s lives every day. The warm greeting and the always-too-brief conversation before we begin a procedure let patients know we care. This should be no different online. We all connect with our patients in our own unique ways. The goal remains the same — to create a safe community built on care and trust. Social media is an extension of that community.

Social media may not change your practice. It may, however, change how you practice. The few that embrace it will fully experience a bump in those coveted internal referrals. Internal referrals drive a practice to success. Patients who tell their friends and family about you tend to have greater trust and are more willing to learn, and they ultimately refer more. Plus, never underestimate the value and impact of online reviews. They are the game-changers for your practice. Remember, word of mouth is the cheapest and the most effective strategy in advertising.
What’s the secret to Social Media success? The secret is, be yourself, find your voice, and interact in a way that gives you a sense of comfort. The time spent interacting and engaging will be more exciting and meaningful than you ever thought possible. So get out there and show the other dentistry how it’s done.

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