So you just got your domain and launched your first website. It’s clean, comprehensive, and boy is it a looker. But when you type in your practice name on Google, your practice isn’t showing up. It can be frustrating to launch a new website and not instantly see results.

So, what should you expect when your new dental website launches? How long will it take for your website to show up when you search for your practice name on Google? And how long will it take for you to start ranking for those high volume keywords? We’ll answer all of these questions and more. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

The Truth Behind Dental SEO

While we often talk about Google changing constantly, the truth is that Google’s search algorithm is often very cautious when it comes to change. Google values sites with a history, and the age of a website domain can often be an overlooked factor in ranking. So, much like the new business on the block that has to win the trust of clients who will ask themselves, “Will this business stick around or is it a flash in the pan?” Google will watch your new website build up trust before it jumps you over more established credible resources.

Google’s cautious nature can be frustrating, but it’s a trait you should embrace. Let’s pretend to fast forward two years from now. Your website has been owning top spots for high volume keywords for a while, traffic is sky high, and you’re getting more new patient calls than ever. It didn’t all happen at once, but you invested in growing your online clout, and now you’re reaping the rewards. Suddenly, a new practice opens down the street, and their brand new website replaces yours in search results in just a few days. Does this seem fair? Would you feel that Google is ill-advised to trust such a new business with no online reputation to speak of? Probably. Having insight into Google’s ranking tactics can better understand what you can expect once your dental SEO strategy launches.

What Should You Expect

It usually takes between 4 – 8 weeks for your website to start showing up when you search for your practice name. Take a look at the other websites you need to jump over- Yelp, Facebook, Patientconnect360. These are all very credible domains that have been around for a while. Give it a few weeks, and Google will realize that your new website is the official online home for your practice, and you’ll start climbing the ranks.

How Does Google Work?

Google’s algorithm to analyze and rank websites changes constantly. It prefers older domains, domains with core keywords in them (i.e., a consistent flow of unique content, deep sites with pages explicitly written about the services and topics you want to rank for, users that engage with websites by visiting multiple pages and taking time to read the content, and offsite factors like good reviews, built out listings, and good backlinks.

Let’s Get Your Dental Website SEO Started

One could compare the ProSEO™ action plan to an in-office whitening treatment. Sure, you could buy the kit from a trendy Instagram influencer or at your local CVS. But will the results come even close to a whitening treatment from an experienced team of professionals? Hardly. Our team is here to help you climb the ranks and get your site where you need it to be.

How PRACPROS Could Help Propel Your Practice’s SEO

Launching a new website is often not enough to push you to the top of Google. Your new website should get you to rank for your own branded keywords, but additional work will be needed to help it climb over other more established websites to get to the top.

Maybe your practice has never taken a dive into SEO and needs help targeting a smaller market. Or perhaps your practice is located in a competitive market and could use a more aggressive strategy. At PRACPROS, we provide a multitude of SEO packages to fit your market, your practice, and your needs- and best of all, our team is available to provide insight and clarity as your site embarks on its SEO journey.

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in building a new website for your practice and want an SEO plan to help get more traffic and phone calls? Schedule time to speak with a PRACPROS marketing expert today to learn more!

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